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HOOT and Hollers

 HOOT and Hollers consists of Bob Hoot of Tent Show Troubadours and one to three guest players who join in live performance. Those guests may be members or former members of Tent Show Troubadours. The vibe is primarily Rock-a-Billy, Country, Americana and Rock with arrangements in semi-acoustic and electric renditions.

HOOT and Hollers pepper performances in select covers — but always with their own twist. Don't take our word for it, come out to a show. We're pretty sure darn sure you'll be tapping your toes by the end of the night. Here is a list of upcoming gigs for HOOT and Hollers and Tent Show Troubadours.

HOOT and Hollers recording projects are driven by Hoot's songwriting. Session musicians include musicians and vocalists from Tent Show Troubadours, local musicians and transplants now in Nashville and California.


100% Smooth & Blended

April 18, 2023 — HOOT and Hollers released 100% Smooth & Blended. The album contains 11 original songs that clearly reflect the album's title and the band's moniker. The musicians and vocalists are definitely a smooth blend of talent. Call it Country, Blues, Americana, Roots or something else — it  is a genuine American form of music.


TST/H&H release Cover Letters album

April 1, 2021 Tent Show Troubadours / HOOT and HollersCover Letters. The overlapping bands of Tent Show Troubadours / HOOT and Hollers recorded ten (10) of our favorite covers which we incorporate in to our live performances. The core lineup consists of Bob Hoot (guitar, vocals), Doug McLeod (bass), Geri Hamilton (violin/vocals), John Hamilton (guitar,vocals, and Ben Lokuta (drums). Joining TST is former TST bandmate Jenniper Hylbert (vocals). The album released on Soundcloud and Bandcamp on April 1, 2021 and on Spotify, Apple Music and all other streaming services shortly thereafter.

Hoot release single cover of Detriot City

Bob Hoot of HOOT and Hollers released a video of the song Detroit City. In this case, the Hollers are made up of Bob Hoot on all instruments — a function of sheltering in place. This is the first time H&H has recorded a cover. Detroit is near and dear to Hoot's heart having been born and raised there. This song can be found on, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, and most other streaming services.

Album release: Matters of the Heart and Other Trouble

HOOT and Hollers debut album is done and is officially released on Friday, March 20. 2020. Ten songs from the archives of The New Baldones and Tent Show Troubadours are remixed including new tracks with a distinctively Country Rock/Americana vibe. Geri Hamilton lends her superb violin to seven of the songs and her vocal work to nearly as many. Acoustic and slide guitars contribute to creating the signature sound of HOOT and Hollers' new album.

Due to Covid restrictions, and in lieu of a release party — HOOT and Hollers had a live streaming concert produced and hosted by Madtown Mix Studio on Saturday, March 21. Below is an excerpt from that concert with the lead song from the album.

Click on the album cover to listen on YouTube.


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